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Galapagos Legend cruises - cabins & suites onboard accommodations

Inter-connecting cabins for the ultimate in cruising flexibility

Galapagos Legend cabin ammenities

You´ll find our range of accommodation refreshingly straightforward. But no matter what you choose, the service and facilities are always equal.

Legend Suites

Distributed on the Earth Deck, the four Legend Suites include panoramic windows, social areas, queen-sized beds and sofa beds for triple or quadruple accommodation. They can be linked to Junior Suites for added flexibility.

Junior Suites

Boasting panoramic windows from the Earth Deck next to the reception desk, library and boutique, the twenty-four Junior Suites have twin beds which can be joined and some of them have space for a third bed. Suites can be interconnected.

Moon suites

These six suites on the Moon deck have picture windows with fantastic views from their heightened position and twin beds which can be joined. These suites give direct access to the quieter, more secluded parts of the ship.

Superior cabins

Fifteen cabins located on the Sea Deck have easy access to the boarding area and to the restaurant. Two Superior Cabins on the Moon Deck, and three on the Earth Deck include port-hole windows and twin beds which can be joined, as  well as sun roofs with ocean views.

We also have three superior inside cabins on the Earth Deck with the same facilities.


Our cabins are all carpeted and air-conditioned (54 outside and 3 inside), with ample hot and cold water supply in private bathrooms, desks, comfy beds, room to relax and extra goodies.