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Galapagos yachts Coral I & II itineraries - Islands wilderness travel

Coral yacht wilderness travel itineraries

Galapagos wilderness travel is one of the finest opportunities to encounter unique wildlife that does not fear the presence of humans and is ready to put on a show.

The Coral yacht itineraries have been planned with nature travellers in mind, we have combined the best sites for nature encounters, walks on lava fields, snorkelling spots, and nesting grounds at several Islands. Each of our shore excursions is unique and diferent as the Islands are amongst each other, we search for diferent species on each landing.

We also have taken into account logistics and cruising time between Islands, our yachts spend less time sailing during the day and our travellers spend more time exploring each Island. We sail at night, yet our passengers enjoy a good night's sleep, the Coral I & II are very stable craft and they are fast so navigation time is short.

Our ocean-going yachts allow to visit the both the central Islands and the most remote Islands of the Galapagos archipelago - this combination gives our passengers to experience the entire array of species in the Islands, migrant, resident and endemic as well as the most extreme landscapes.

have the priviledge to show you the best landscapes, birdwatching, volcanic lava fields, marine life and geological spots in the archipelago. The variety of activities and spottings on our itineraries allow the guides to show off their vast knowledge and giving on-spot-lectures on the local flora, fauna and geology.

Our wilderness cruises depart year round every Wednesday and Sunday offering 3, 4 and 7 night travel routes for both an enhanced experience in the longer routes and flexibility in the shorter trips.

All itineraries are approved by the Galapagos National Park authority and are lead by a naturalist guide, who accompanies all travellers on trails and while snorkelling. The Coral I & II use some of the finest guides in the industry to bring the best out of our well planned itineraries.

Sample itinerary outline

Sample cruise route

3 night cruise:   From Sunday to Wednesday
4 night cruise:   From Wednesday to Sunday
7 night cruise:   From Sunday to Sunday or from Wednesday to Wednesday

  • Wednesday
    Baltra Airport
    PM  Dragon Hill (Santa Cruz)
  • Thursday
    AM Rabida Island (Jervis)
    PM  Egas Port (Santiago)
  • Friday 
    AM Espinosa Point (Fernandina)
    PM Vicente Roca Point (Isabela)
  • Saturday 
    AM Bartolome Island
    PM Black Turtle Cove (Santa Cruz)
  • Sunday
    AM Charles Darwin Station (Santa Cruz)
    PM Baltra Airport / Highlands(Santa Cruz)
  • Monday
    AM Suarez Point (Española)
    PM  Gardner Bay (Española)
  • Tuesday
    AM Cormorant Point (Floreana)
    PM Post Office (Floreana)
  • Wednesday 
    AM North Seymour Island
    PM Baltra Airport

* CORAL YACHTS reserve the right to make changes in its itineraries without prior notice if considered appropiate due to national park rules, force majeure or any consideration at captain's discretion, without being liable for refunds of any kind.
** High occupancy dates might require full payment in advance.
*** See our liability policy