Galapagos yachts Coral I & II yacht details, boat specifications

The Coral yacht fleet

cruise on board our fleet isn´t all about survival of the fittest. The Coral yacht Galapagos experience is also about fun with your friends, family fellow passengers and the crew, all in an informal and casual environment.

Always in good hands

Our customers ´ safety and the conservation and respect for the environment are our main priorities. Our vessels comply with local and international standards enforced by ISM(International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention). Our crews are all highly trained in safety procedures and have years of experience at sea. For added safety the M/Y Coral I and M/Y Coral II sail together.

Smooth service

The service on board the Coral I & II are our pride. Attention to detail, personalized service and our perchant pampering on board our yachts the Corals famous around the world. After every excursion, guests are offered a light snack upon getting back to the boats. Everything aboard has been checked and rechecked to ensure your complete satisfaction, and we are very proud of our remarkably high staff-to-passenger ratio.

Fine Dining at Sea

With Ecuador´s rich and varied geography, we have a appetite-whtting array of fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood to bring to our tables. While complying with the strict regulations concerning food laws by the Galapagos National Park, our ingredients are always the highest standard and fresher than fresh. Our chefs and his assistants are first-class, bringing culinary wonders to the table every day of your cruise.

The Coral yachts marry comfort, style, space and speed. The perfect combination for 21st century Galapagos cruising.